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26 April

Fact Check: Polish Photographer Denies Claims of Her Dismissal Over Ukraine Nazism Investigation

Agata Grzybowska is a real person, a Google search showed.

Belarus’ pro-government Telegram channels falsely reported on the dismissal of a Polish journalist after the release of an investigation with an ‘uncomfortable question about Nazism in Ukraine’. The Weekly Top Fake team contacted her and found out what happened.

One after another, on April 17 and 18, the Telegram channels Ruka Kremlya and BelVestnik spread fake news posts about the dismissal of Polish journalist Agata Grzybowska.

“Again in Europe, freedom of speech in action. Agata Grzybowska published her own investigation. According to her, European media massively edited videos with Ukrainian military personnel because, after publication, users noticed various Nazi symbols on the military personnel. Users noticed this and the videos had to be re-uploaded already edited,” the authors of the channels claimed.

Agata Grzybowska is a real person, a Google search showed. According to Polish media reports, Agata Grzybowska, a photojournalist, was detained by the police after the Women's March in Warsaw in 2020. On Facebook, the journalist writes about Ukraine, mostly in support of it.

The Weekly Top Fake team contacted Agata Grzybowska to find out if she really was fired.

“No, this is all fake. The photos were taken from my presentations and meetings with various people, where I talk about my work,” the journalist said.

“Didn't you write an article about what they're talking about there?” the WTF asked.

“No, nothing like that. And secondly, I don't write, I'm not a writing journalist, I'm a photographer. I has traveled to Ukraine, but I've never written, never done anything about Ukrainian military using Nazi symbols,” Agata Grzybowska said.

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