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Team of Belarusian Investigative Center

Team of Belarusian Investigative Center

Corruption investigations, fakes debunking, economic and political analyses are a difficult business. That is why we have gathered top-notch professionals in our team. Here they are:

Volha Ratmirava

Head of investigations. Has worked as a journalist since 2012. Until 2019 scripted and presented a law show on the state Belarusian TV channel CTV. There she focused on negligent officials and unfair businessmen. In 2019  joined the Belarusian Investigative Center. In 2021 received the “Free Word” award for the investigation about fake Belarusian anti-cancer drugs. Collaborated on investigations with such media outlets and institutions as OCCRP, New York Times, 15min, Proekt, Schemes.

Motto: Our investigations should have consequences for persons involved.

Kseniya Viaznikoutsava

Worked on the Belarusian state TV channel –°TV. Joined the Belarusian Investigative Center in 2020. Co-author of investigations about the migration crisis, fake COVID-19 statistics in Belarus and fake medical equipment imports replacement. Specializes in OSINT and SOCMINT, also is in charge of the visual part of investigations. Prior to leaving Belarus, I kept my eye on corrupt officials and now I interrogate them via phone asking uneasy questions.

Alexander Yarashevich

Has worked as a journalist since 2010. For a long time he worked in the oldest Belarusian private news agency BelaPAN. Joined the Belarusian Investigative Center in 2021. Participated in international investigative projects Pandora Papers and Shadow Diplomats. Collaborated on investigations with such media outlets and institutions as OCCRP, ICIJ, The Guardian, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Siena, Re:Baltica, Delfi, Proekt.

Aleksey Karpeka

Investigative journalist from Belarus and the first Belarusian journalist shortlisted for the European Press Prize. He has opened his investigative career with a story uncovering the secret gold mining in Zimbabwe that involved the private security company “GuardService” owned by Lukashenka’s “wallet” Sheiman. The first Belarusian journalist who has proved documentally the bribe to Lukashenka himself.

Alyona Cherniauskaya

The anchor of Weekly Top Fake show. After the crackdown she fled Belarus. Author and host of documentary investigation films, first vice-miss Minsk. She is studying for a master's degree in the University of Warsaw currently, majoring in journalism.

Siarhei Chaly

Author and anchor of shows “News with Chaly” and “Chaly: Economics”. The last one is the third reincarnation of the iconic show “Economy on Fingers” aired on the portal since 2010 (in 2019-2022 aired as “Economy with Chaly” on the Belsat TV channel). He worked as an economic analyst since 1998 on the Russian stock market, prior to that - in the analytical center of the Administration of the President of the Republic of Belarus. Winner of the Global Belarus Solidarity Award 2020. The only and best expert in the hermeneutics of Lukashenka's speeches in Belarus.

Stanislau Ivashkevich

The head of Belarusian Investigative Center. He received national Free Word awards for a journalistic investigation in 2018, 2019 and 2020 (annual competition held by Belarusian Association of Journalists), Free Word 2021 for analytics and Show of the Year award (2019) from Belsat TV for the investigative TV show. In journalism since 2009. Before engaging in journalism Stanislau worked for market intelligence companies Euromonitor International Plc and Marcus Evans Plc.