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24 April

Fact-checking Political Scientist Elfimov’s Claim that Joe Biden Supports Pornography in Schools

We found the original statement by the US President.

The claim that Joe Biden supports the availability of pornographic literature to schoolchildren, was made by Belarusian political scientist Vadim Elfimov on Radio Minsk. The Weekly Top Fake team found out the original statement from the U.S. president.

The fake news that Joe Biden supported the distribution of pornography to schoolchildren was aired on Radio Minsk on April 15, 2024.

“I won't go into the details of what Biden... Alright, I'll say it — he approved pornography. In schools. He approved it as follows. When journalists asked him: 'Do you approve of the distribution of pornographic literature in elementary school?', he answered as follows: 'It's 2024, ban of books? How dare you?' Books can be of different kinds,” Vadim Elfimov said.

Telegram channel ATN NEWS disseminated the same fake news on April 15. Its authors published a video with a brief excerpt from Biden's speech:

“Вanning books — this is 2024 — banning books, attempting to erase history”, the politician said.

The Weekly Top Fake team found the original video. On April 12, 2024, at the National Action Network, a civil rights organization that supports the Black Lives Matter movement, Joe Biden said the following:

“There are more extreme voices out there who simply don’t want to see people of color in the future of our country. They want to turn back the clock — voter suppression; election subversion; ripping away reproductive freedom; getting affirmative action — gutting it and attacking diversity across American life; banning books — this is 2024 — banning books, attempting to erase history…”

So the politician was talking about discrimination against African Americans in U.S. society, not about pornographic literature in schools.

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