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02 May

State Media Omitted Problems of Enterprises in Baranovichi, Where Deputy Prime Minister Visited

The WTF team uncovers what the pro-government media left out.

On the eve of the All-Belarusian People's Assembly on April 23, the state news agency BelTA covered the visit of Deputy Prime Minister Petr Parkhomchik to the Baranovichi Cotton Production Association (BPHA). The Weekly Top Fake looked into what the pro-government media left out.

In the news article, BelTA provides detailed information about the high-ranking official's visit to the production facilities of BPHA and the new automated production processes he familiarized himself with. 

Also, BelTA covered the Deputy Prime Minister's visit to the cutting department of the sewing factory "Blakit," the weaving and finishing factory, as well as his conversation with the staff. In addition, Parkhomchik reportedly set requirements to achieve the main production indicators of the enterprise. 

But BelTA did not mention the reasons for the high-ranking official's visit and the need to introduce new indicators.

The WTF team uncovers what the pro-government media left out. Thus, in 2012—2015, BPHA underwent modernization, but the enterprise found itself in a difficult financial situation, which it still cannot recover from.

For 2023, the Association made a 21 million Belarusian rouble loss, which is 17 times more than the previous year. 2020 and 2021 were also loss-making years. The state reimburses banks for part of the interest on loans.

In February 2024, the enterprise in Baranovichi was even united with the Orsha Flax Mill, which the state also helps with bank repayments.

However, the pro-government media did not report these facts on the eve of the All-National Assembly.

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